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To start a online chat in the America chat , let’s first get to know America. American culture, which has a multicolored structure, consists of many nationalities. Considering that around 290 million people from different countries live, we may have an idea of how diverse the culture and ethnicity is. They do not have very characteristic Customs and customs, habits take a big place in their lives. Americans are very poor, they like to travel at any opportunity. They hail and travel on trains, buses, planes. The number of Americans who go on long walks to mountains, seashores or national parks with their bags on their backs is quite large

Life in America is very fast, intense, tempestuous. That’s why everyone rushes and it’s important to be punctual. Their outspokenness may sound rude and hurtful to you. You must never take this personally. They will not hesitate to tell you where they are uncomfortable. They’re usually helpful. They tend to help you in the work environment, but this is to guide you. In this culture, where individual accented identity prevails, you may find some situations awkward. Even a small gift from your country to your employer can cause a lot of satisfaction and surprise for them.

While chatting with an American;

Chat Tips American People

Be respectful of the person

Be respectful of the person you’re talking to. Don’t domaine the conversation by constantly talking about yourself.

Ask questions

Ask questions about the topic of the conversation so that you can learn the person’s ideas.

Concentrate on the interview

Concentrate on the interview. Playing on the phone during a conversation or trying to e-mail shows that you do not respect the person in front of you.

Find different topics

If you are unable to concentrate on the conversation because of the work you have to do, please ask the other person to speak to you at another time.

Know To Listen

Convince the speaker that you’re listening. The fact that the person is reacting without speaking suggests that he or she is not willing to listen to you.
Try postponing the conversation to avoid such situations.

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